Tight Spot

"I think this CD is wonderful. Your music is very stylish. you can jam and mellow-out all in one . You really did a great job. keep up the good work. When i was in a tight spot with my sons, you gave me hope for tomorrow. Many thanks" -- Clara Baker (Head Start)

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When life changing events take place we react in different ways. I react by composing songs. Perhaps this is an inherited tradition from my island upbringing. As a young boy growing up in Antigua in the Caribbean, it was customary to compose songs about big events. Examples abounded in calypsonians like the Mighty Sparrow who wrote songs about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Dr.Martin Luther King's rise in the Civil Rights Movement and the assignation of President Kennedy. Calypsonians and folk singers commonly used songs as a way to inform and express them selves and their responses as they occur. In the hours after the tsunami, as I watched and listened with great empathy, the devastation to people's lives, I was moved to write a song. It took me a few weeks to complete the production. I entitled the song TSUNAMI: a mother cries. I would welcome the opportunity to share the song with a wide audience, with the hope that it brings comfort to the desolate and remind us all that we are one people in this human race. I look forward to share TSUNAMI: a mother cries with you.

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